Tuesday, March 3, 2015

February Faves

I planned on writing an actual in-depth blog post tonight, but I'm throwing in the towel.  THAT will have to wait for tomorrow!  Tuesdays are one of my busiest days of the week. It was a looooong day. Even though I'm not physically tired, my mind is numb!

So...my fallback is my favorite February pictures, taken with my real camera, that I never shared on my blog!

        ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Let's start with the first of the month. The Superbowl.  This is the ONLY time you will see Liam in a Patriots jersey.  He was cheering them on for his Aunt Annie, Uncle Daryl, and cousins, Brady and Brandon!


Lily and Lexie were unimpressed. 


The following day was a snow day.  They were excited about their unexpected day off!


Lexie even said Lily could match her.  That doesn't happen often!


Lexie came up with a fun game, and Liam approved.  Lexie's doll car is just his size!


New games were discovered and big kids just got bigger.


Even though Liam smiles 95% of the time, he does occasionally (rarely) cry.  PROOF.


I volunteered at Dylan's class party and let Liam snack on the leftover marshmallows.


Liam modeled bow ties.


Lily hoped for Spring!


We spent lots of quality time together.


Liam turned 18 months old on the 18th.  WHAT?!?  (Post coming soon!)


We said goodbye to our beautiful, sweet Bailey.  It still hurts so much.


Our beautiful Lexie Bean turned 8!


Dylan conducted a science experiment, Lily became obsessed with playdoh, Liam had another super adorable photoshoot (those pictures are also in his upcoming 18 month post!),  and Lexie and Dylan bonded over Minecraft.


Spaghetti night is his favorite!  Not mine!


We ended the month with Dylan's Science Fair.  He sat his display next to one of his closest friends, and had a great night.  Lexie did not want to do the science fair, but sat with Dylan's project while he used the bathroom, and ended up telling the scientists who were walking around all about the project.  Now she wants to do the Science Fair next year!  It was a long night in an overly crowded gym, but it was a great experience for both of them!


That's a wrap!  February was tough, but we tried to focus on the good, and there was plenty of that!

Monday, March 2, 2015

The Party

What do you do when a big winter storm passes through on the day of your birthday party? Party on!!!

We celebrated Lexie's 8th Birthday with our immediate family members and closest friends on the day before Lexie turned 8! During the snowstorm. It was quite a day, that's for sure!

Shortly after we woke up, I walked past the window, and noticed that it had snowed a ton overnight.  The roads were completely covered with several inches of snow.  Even worse, the snow was still falling. Rapidly. 

My heart sunk as I realized her party would have to be postponed, and I felt even worse after we broke the news to Lexie.  She burst into tears, just as I expected.  Her dog had just passed away two days before, and then her party had to be rescheduled.  I felt awful. 

BUT...we have THE best family and friends around.  When I called and sent texts to everyone who was invited, they all said they would still come!  I was truly surprised and so thankful!

This year, we decided to keep it small.  We only invited grandparents, parents, siblings, and closest friends.  Lexie chose to redo her bunny theme in honor of her lovey, BunBun.  This made it extremely easy for me, because all the Easter stuff was out in the stores!

After a hectic morning of trying to decide what to do, we had to rush to get everything set up in time for the first party for family. We finished just as the first guest arrived, and I only had a chance to take one picture of the food and decor.  By the time I had another free moment, the food was half eaten and the house was a mess!

That's real life, and this is all I have!


For our bunny-themed food (there was also non-bunny-themed food), we had:

  • Carrots and Celery with Ranch Dip
  • Cheetos "Carrots"
  • Cheese Ball "Bunny Tails" 
  • Veggie Straws
  • Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks 
  • Bunny Cookies

The big hit was a pretzel stick, "bunny tails" (mini marshmallows),  and "bunny poo" (chocolate chips) snack tray with vanilla frosting in the middle.  Seriously.  Everybody loved it, and I refilled that tray so many times!

Everybody arrived quickly.  After some mingling, playing, and going outside in the snow, it was time for presents!  Lexie got a kindle fire, gift cards, money,  an entire Mi World, craft sets, pajamas, a journal, a necklace, lip gloss, and a stuffed turtle.

PicMonkey Collage

After presents, we moved on to the cake!  Once again, BunBun topped her cake,  and some bunny-adorned cupcakes were the perfect sidekick!

PicMonkey Collage2

Lexie is so lucky to have such an amazing family who loves her so very much!

PicMonkey Collage5
PicMonkey Collage4
PicMonkey Collage3

By the time the family party ended, the roads looked a bit better.  Everybody made it home safely! Aubrey (my niece and Lexie's BFF) stayed at our house for a sleepover, so she and Lexie ran off to play while we quickly cleaned up the house and set up for the party with our friends.

We didn't get much of a break before Birthday Party Round Two began!

Awesome presents (an American Girl doll double bed, doll hair salon and accessories, clothes, craft sets, gift cards, and money. Lucky girl!)...

PicMonkey Collage6

More cake...

090 copy

Fun with friends...

PicMonkey Collage7

A happy boy on a sugar high...

PicMonkey Collage8

The infamous bunny tails and bunny poo snack...

PicMonkey Collage12

And the perfect bunny-themed favors:


It was such a fun night, and we are so blessed to have an amazing group of friends!  They really are our "chosen" family!

PicMonkey Collage9
PicMonkey Collage10

As if the excitement of two parties wasn't enough, we concluded the day with a huge sleepover.  11 kids total in my house!  Let's just say I stayed up late and woke up early! 


Despite the rocky, uncertain start, the day turned out perfectly!  Lexie had a great day of celebrating with those who love her most!


Sunday, March 1, 2015

Weekend Things

It's finally March!!!  Spring is SO close.  After this long, snowy, bitter cold winter, I am eagerly anticipating the warmer weather!

That being said, how is it already March?!? Didn't we JUST ring in the new year? This year is already whipping by faster than last year.  Time needs to S-L-O-W down.  When it's warmer, of course!

This was the first free weekend our family had in months.  It didn't really turn out to be a free weekend, but close enough.  I changed into my pajamas on Friday night, and stayed in them until tonight, when I swapped them for a new pair.  I'm going to call that relaxing!

On Friday evening, I went shopping with my mom, Liam, and Lily.  We returned to my parent's house, where Dylan and Lexie were hanging out with my dad, and we had dinner with them before heading home.  I drove Dylan to his friend's house for a sleepover, and by the time I got home, it was already after 10.  I changed into my pajamas and did a ton of laundry before going to bed!

On Saturday, Dylan spent the morning with his friends at the Lowe's workshop, then went to lunch with them.  He had so much fun!


We got to sleep in and have a late brunch while he was gone. He arrived home in the afternoon, and shortly after, Liam and the girls fell asleep.  It was a fantastically lazy afternoon!

Both girls still napping at 6:40. Better kiss bedtime goodbye tonight!

Meanwhile, Grant and I decided that we should continue our bathroom renovation.  He headed off to Lowe's (ALONE!) to buy flooring and supplies, and the rest of the night was history.  Grant's friend came over to help, and Dylan's friend came over to spend the night.  We went to bed so late!


Overnight, it started to snow.  It kept snowing and snowing and snowing.  Here we are, on March 1st, with about 6 inches of snow! I'm hoping that it's winter's last hurrah!


None of us were impressed.


The roads were slippery, and it snowed heavily all day. We ended up scrapping plans to visit Grant's family, and just stayed home.  It worked out, because I had some laundry to fold, and cleaning to do!  Exciting!


Lily ended up falling asleep around 6 pm, just before dinner.  That spot in front of the fireplace can easily lure you to sleep!


She woke up about an hour later, thanks to Dylan. We sent all three kids to Lexie and Lily's room to watch a movie.  Dylan and Lexie were so excited to hear that they have a 2 hour delay in the morning!


Liam spent some time with Grant and I before bedtime.  He is just the cutest, happiest little guy!


We ended our weekend with two episodes of House of Cards season 3 (LOVE!!!) and the new episode of The Walking Dead.  Grant went to bed, but I was still wide awake, so I cleaned the entire house, then sat down to blog. 

I'm so thankful we had a somewhat quiet weekend.  That rarely happens!

We have another busy week ahead of us!

Liam has Occupational Therapy tomorrow morning, and we have Family Movie Night in the evening. On Tuesday, Liam has Physical Therapy and Speech Therapy, then we have to rush to the library for Lily's Storytime session. That evening, we're doing some more work in the bathroom. We have a mini photoshoot on Wednesday, and Dylan has choir after school.  I'm hoping for a playdate on Thursday!  The kids are off school on Friday.  After grocery shopping, we're going to visit my parents and stay for dinner.  I doubt there will be much free time this week!

On the menu:

Monday~ Baked Ham, Scalloped Potatoes, and Butter Beans
Tuesday~Tacos, Rice, and Beans
Wednesday~Pizza and Salad
Thursday~Spaghetti, Salad, and Garlic Bread
Friday~Dinner at my parent's house

Have a great week!!! Happy March!